The Shenandoah Valley's Award Winning Pet Enrichment Resort & Dog Training Center

Menu of Canine Activities and Services

In addition to the exceptional care that your pets receive while they are visiting us, the following activities are available to keep your pet busy, happy and healthy while they are on vacation. 

These activities and services are available to both our boarding and daycare participants & can be added either when you make your reservation or when your pet is checked in. 

Woods Walk

A mile long stroll around the property. Plenty of chances to run, sniff and pee.

Length of walk approximately 1 mile. Note that this walk is in addition to the standard outside time for play.

$10.00 per dog

Play Time

15 minute play session with one of the staff, Frisbee, play ball or just hang out.

Freedom in one of our large fenced areas to play one on one with toys and a staff member.

$5.00 per Dog

Senior Woods Walk or Half Walk

Not up to a full mile? Try half the distance.

$5.00 per Dog

CCI Splash Zone (May-Sept only)

With pools, toys and sprinklers your dog can play, wade, splash & run while cooling off with one of our staff (they love it too)!

$7.00 per dog 


Does your pet enjoy quiet snuggles or lap time instead of chasing a ball? We can accommodate your pet’s every whim.

$5.00 per 15-minute session

Group Playtime

Is your dog a frequent visitor at the dog park? Group playtime is a great way for dogs to socialize & visit with other, like-minded dogs. Supervised by our attentive staff, we limit the number of dogs in our playgroups to 2 pets per staff member. These 1/2 hour play sessions are great fun for your social butterflies!

$10.00 per pet 

Daily Training

One on one private tutoring session with your pet and one of our training staff. We will work on whatever behavior(s) you request. (A short pick-up lesson for the owners is available upon pickup).

$50.00 per day

AKC CGC Testing is available for an additional $10.00

Refresher Training

Available for pets that have completed one of our training courses. We will review commands and work with your pet to maintain their responsiveness.

$15.00 per day

AKC CGC Testing is available for an additional $10.00

Agility Play Time

A private play session on our agility equipment with one of our skilled trainers. This helps promote confidence and responsiveness to new situations (and it’s fun for the dog)!

$10.00 per dog

Pawicures (nails only)

$12.00 per dog/cat

Bath & Nails

Express baths:  Would you like to take home clean dog? Express baths are wash only & towel dry (this is not available for matted dogs as they require additional grooming). 

$10.00 (or $10.00 off grooming services) per dog.

Bath/Nails/Ears/Trim…..the whole Spa experience (Oatmeal and Hypo-Allerginic shampoos are available). 

Prices based on size of pet & coat condition but start at $25.00. We’d be happy to give you a quote upon check in.